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Adnan Sami To Write A Book On His Journey From Obesity To Slimness:

Mumbai, Jan 16 : Pakistani singer-composer Adnan Sami is going to write a book on his astonishing journey from obesity to slimness. Adnan sami told a newspaper : “Initially I thought my journey from a 230-kg mound of flesh to an 85-kilo normal human being.

Adnan Sami Khan Asserts To Live In India:

Pakistan’s talented singer Adnan Sami Khan has asserted that he will never leave India and will continue working there.
In the bad fate of Pakistani artists, some wish to settle and enjoy the celebrity status in neighbor country India, that truly pays regard to talent. As for a talented and versatile singer Adnan Sami Khan, no one perhaps ever yielded the deserving attributes that he was capable for.
Recently, all the property of Adnan Sami Khan has been seized in Pakistan and a ban also imposed on him being living in India after filing a petition in Indian high court. Yet he says, “I will manage to live in a tent in India but can’t imagine going to back to Pakistan.”

Adnan Sami Gets Some Relief From Family:

Few days before Adnan Sami’s wife Sabah have filed a complaint against him in the Andheri Magistrate Court under the Domestic Violence Act. But at the end she has withdrew the case as a result of insufficient proofs.
When asked to Adnan’s lawyer, Vibhav Krishna (who is fighting the case along with Mrudula Kadam) that why Sabah has withdrew the case? Then he replied, “Sabah had to withdraw her case since she had no particulars to support her claims of domestic violence (supposedly) inflicted on her. That’s why the intensity of her case has weakened. Sabah has moved the divorce application to the Family Court for which the hearing date is yet to be decided, but we have not yet been served a copy of it.”
On the other hand, Sabah’s lawyer, Mrunalini Deshmukh has something else to say. She said, “It’s a complete lie that we withdrew the case from Andheri Magistrate Court because Sabah could not validate her charges of domestic violence. She simply didn’t want to go through the trouble of going to different courts for all the cases that she has filed against Adnan. She is still seeking divorce in the Family Court which also has a provision of relief from domestic violence.”

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