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Alcohol Wallpaper 2012

Well, most everybody that drinks to party eventually gets a DWI or DUI. I myself got one when I was 26 years old. The laws back then were just getting strict, and after about and a devastating night in jail, I quickly realized it wasn’t worth it. Some people don’t get this. Having one DWI is a misdemeanor but having more than that is when you get into serious trouble and 3 is a felony. And if you don’t know this already having a felony on your record — if you manage to stay out of prison, is going to be a problem with your job, your family and your livelihood. More than likely you are going to get jail time, probation for many years, and many fines and court cost. Believe me it is NOT worth it. Call a cab! Do whatever you have to do, but do not drink and drive. If you don’t care enough about yourself not to do it, then think about the other people on the road and your family.  Legal problems with alcohol do not just impact the drinker, they impact the lives of other people around you just as much as the one doing the drinking.

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