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Alpine Dachsbracke Pictures 2012

The Alpine Dachsbracke is a short legged, sturdy hunting dog with a robust, strong boned body structure, dense coat, firm muscles. It has a straight bridge of nose with a definite stop and a lightly arched skull. Strong muzzle with pronounced transition to cranial region. Well defined furrow in forehead, lightly emphasized occiput. The nose is black and the lips are close fitting with black pigment, moderately rounded curve of lips. Strong complete teeth with scissor or pincer bite. The eyes have dark brown irises and the eyelids are close fitting to eyeballs with black pigment. The neck is muscular and not too long. The trunk is strong and well muscled, elongated. Withers moderately emphasized; straight back; loins short and broad. The rump is barely sloping. The chest is deep and broad with pronounced forechest. Depth of chest should be about half the height at shoulder. The belly is moderately tucked up. The tail is set on high, thick at root. Longer hair on underside (brush tail); reaching barely to ground, carried slightly downward. The limbs are close fitting shoulders are long, sloping and strongly muscled. Front legs are straight and strong; they appear short in relation to the body. Hindquarters are muscular, strong and well angulated. Seen from the rear, the axis of the legs is straight. The front and hind feet are strong, round, toes tight against each other with strong pads and black nails. The Alpine Dachsbracke has a double coat consisting of very thick top coat and a dense undercoat, which covers the whole body and is close fitting. The ideal color is dark deer red with or without black hairs lightly interspersed. Also black with clearly defined red-brown markings on head (Vieraeugl), chest, legs, feet and underside of tail. A white star on chest permitted.

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