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American Eskimo Dog Pics 2012

This breed´s name can actually led us to error, because the American Eskimo Dog isn´t descendent from the working Eskimo´s usual breeds. It has a Nordic look and characteristics, but it is actually descendent from the German Spitz. The first dog register occurred in 1913 in the UKC, but the American Eskimo was only formally recognized by the AKC in 1995.
This breed´s family probably came to America with German immigrants. During the I World War, the name of this breed was changed due to the conflict with Germany. Instead of being called “German Spiz” it was named “American Eskimo”.
It is believed that his ascendants are, besides the German Spitz, the Finnish Spitz, the Pomeranian, the Keeshond and the Samoyed, although this one is still controversial.
This dog has spread out through the USA due to the popularity that achieved in circus in the mid of the nineteenth century. The first dog to walk a tight rope was an American Eskimo Dog.

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