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Australian Silky Terrier Images 2012

“This is ‘Poshy’ at 6 months old. She is a Silky Jack from Australia. She is a cross between an Australian Silky Terrier mother and a Jack Russell Terrier father. She was so tiny when we got her at 6 weeks, she didn’t have any of her teeth yet so she had to eat mushy food for the next 5 weeks before she got her teeth. She is very smart and easy to train. She learnt how to fetch a ball at 3 months of age. She also knows sit, wait, up, down and over and she is still only a baby!! I am seriously thinking about getting her into agility. She is tiny at 8 inches tall and will probably not get any bigger. She is a natural stumpy tail that she got from her father. Poshy is a very sweet and active girl that is very loved.”

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