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Drinking Beer Alcohol

Drinking beer is not very bad.of course it had several good things its good to health too.ex like stress reduction , heart health ,blood circulation and also beer serves as multivitamin.but wait when served excessively food becomes poison.when a small poison served excessively it becomes sinaide. The media depiction of alcoholics as obvious failures with obvious problems is only one “form” of how alcoholism presents. Some alcoholics are, indeed, the obvious case that is never seen without a drink, acts drunk, has problems holding onto work, drinks cheap booze constantly, passes out at inopportune times. Other alcoholics (and this is especially common the higher pay or prestige a position or an individual’s life has, lawyers, doctors, and successful entertainers tend toward it) are highly intense, driven personalities with no obvious problem with work or learning (or who can easily conceal said problems), tend to indulge their addiction “off-hours,” and or have such high tolerance that what would get most people buzzed does not affect them.



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