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Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Funny Cards

Graceful Funny Valentine’s Day Cards:

One popular theory on how he originally attracted the displeasure of Emperor Claudius II was that, at the time, Claudius was having trouble getting soldiers to go off to war in distant lands.

New Funny Valentine’s Day Cards:

So he decided to prohibit young men from getting married.  It is thought that Saint Valentine continued to perform secret weddings for young couples and thus eventually landed himself in prison and eventually was martyred for refusing to renounce his religion.

Funny Valentine’s Day Card:

However, because Saint Valentine’s history really isn’t completely known, the Roman Catholic Church in 1969 removed the Valentines feast day from its official calendar.I think Valentine’s Day is sort of goofy and a corporate holiday of mass proportions but what the hell, if it works for you, have fun with it.

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