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Handmade Bangles 2012

Handmade bangle bracelet

Handmade bangle bracelet contains clear, blue zircon and aquamarine colored crystals. clasp is lead free steel. Handmade bangle bracelet contains montana, peridot, sun, tanzanite, and aquamarine colored crystals. Clasp is lead free steel. Handmade bangle bracelet contains clear colored crystals. Clasp is lead free steel. Magnetic Bullet Closure for Stiff Fingers! Handmade Jewelry: Balancing Gemstone Chakra Bracelets – Handcrafted sterling silver bracelet. The crystals selected are based on the metaphysical healing properties and meanings of chakra colors. Many believe that Chakras are centers of energy within your body that can regulate your bodies systems, and chakra stones attune and adjust your bodies energy, bringing it into line with the most beneficial vibrations for your own body. that includes endocrine systems, metabolism, circulatory, immunity, etc.
Besides being the mark of a married woman, bangles in India have a tremendous amorous and romantic connotation. In classical Indian poetry, a womans pining for union with her husband or lover, is indicated by the bangles slipping from her wrist due to her becoming thin in the agony of separation from him. The tinkling sound of womens bangles is full of significant messages expressing her presence, her wish for attention, her anger, or her desire to exchange glances. A simple bangle is slipped on to the wrist by mere pressure, occasionally over a thin coating of oil applied to the hand.
Your everyday casual look may go from boring to edgy or classic with just one kind of accessory and this is the bracelets. The cute bracelets could be something to spruce up your dull everyday look when you want them to do so. There are different kinds of bracelets around you just have to take your pick which of these would complete your look.

Colorful  Handmade Bangles 2012

New Handmade Bangles

Light Colorful  Handmade Bangles

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