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Hibiscus Flower Pictures

Rainbow Sherbet Hibiscus

yellow and orange Hibiscus flower

Rainbow Sherbet Hibiscus is a winter blooming flower in different and shiny colors. Hibiscus are very soft with five or more petals and large single flower 7-9″ with lemon yellow, tangerine orange, soft pink and a bright white eye colors.

Rainbow Hibiscus1

Rainbow Sherbet Hibiscus2

Hibiscus Mini Info:

Hibiscus Kingdom:     Plantae
Hibiscus Division:     Angiosperms
Hibiscus Class:     Eudicots
Hibiscus Family:     Malvaceae
Hibiscus Subfamily:     Malvoideae
Hibiscus Tribe:     Hibisceae

Hibiscus color

Rainbow Sherbet Hibiscus info

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