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Holiday Shopping Season

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With Thanksgiving less than a week away, the holiday shopping season is about to move into high gear. In the past, I’ve consciously steered clear of holiday shopping, and especially of Black Friday. I’m not fond of the frenzied zeal with which Americans spend their money at this time of the year.
For more than a decade, I’ve elected to observe Buy Nothing Day. I choose not to spend a single penny on the day after Thanksgiving. And, as you know, Kris and I have always done our best to share homemade Christmas gifts instead of buying things for our friends and family.
The really good ones where items are sold at 80 percent off are never announced to the public. Your only hope is to network — so start making friends with fashion writers, journalists, bloggers, stylists and tai-tais on the off-chance they’ll consider you their plus one.
But for the really private sales — where brand-new Jimmy Choos can go for $250 —  you can forget about being a plus one; nothing short of a namecard and a personal invitation will get you in.
Who knows? If you’re nice enough, an insider might send you images of the things she thinks you’ll like while she’s there. So keep your phone close and prepare yourself to make fast but wise buying decisions.

Same but different:

A dress that looks like a thousand bucks and came straight off the runway doesn’t necessarily have to cost much. Go to a high-street label — you can expect them to be right on-trend, with “it” clothes and accessories for a fraction of the price.


Oh, the wonders and treasures that can be found on Ebay. Nothing impresses other insiders more than seeing someone wear a standout piece that she wasn’t able to get her hands on.
Be on the lookout for second-hand designer pieces in good condition or quirky items that catch your eye. You’d want to complement what’s already in your wardrobe, after all.
My best trawl off Ebay is a pair of vintage satin Yves Saint Laurent heels for less than $150, shipping from U.S. included. It’s true!

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