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English bull mastiff face is Short, broad under the eyes, and keeping nearly parallel in width to the end of the nose; truncated, i.e. blunt and cut off square, thus forming a right angle with the upper line of the face, of great depth from the point of the nose to under jaw. Under jaw broad to the end; canine teeth healthy, powerful, and wide apart; incisors level, or the lower projecting beyond the upper, but never sufficiently so as to become visible when the mouth is closed. Nose broad, with widely spreading nostrils when viewed from the front; flat (not pointed or turned up) in profile. Lips diverging at obtuse angles with the septum, and slightly pendulous so as to show a square profile. Length of muzzle to whole head and face as 1 to 3. Circumference of muzzle (measured midway between the eyes and nose) to that of the head (measured before the ears) as 3 to 5. Megan is Sired by CH Dox Mister Boston and Dam by our girl Dox Clara.She is a beautiful girl with a nice top line and a great head like her mother.She is already, a very large girl, 132lbs at 13 months and still growingstrong. She has been OFA Hips/Elbow/Heart and CERF tested. She hasgreat movment, angles a ton of bone and a nice wide and deep chest. Meganwas breed and born in our home.

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