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Mamta Kulkarni Profile:

Name:      Mamta Kulkarni
Nationality:     Indian
Profession:     Actress
Real Name  :   Mamta Mukund Kulkarni
Date of Birth:     1972, April 20th
Height:      5’5″ 1/2″ (1.66 m)
Weight:     50 kg
Family:     Sisters Mithila and Moulina
Pet Name:     ”Rani”

Mamta Kulkarni – the most outspoken, carefree idol of the Bollywood – was born on 20 Apr 1970. Though she cares a damn thing about the world around, she’s known for her flippancy and straightforwardness in the Film Industry.
It never mattered to Mamta if her career in the WOOD being affected by the way she talks to the media or treats the filmi personalities or for that matter, her ever-burning war mix-ups in print with her co stars and by the so-called flings she’s gossiped to have had with the on-screen heroes. May be she couldn’t live up to the expectations of movie-goers of the nation but she’s her own. She never minds not getting as many roles as everyone else as long as she doesn’t feel she has to run after the producers and the directors asking for roles.
The dream eyed gal of the Bollywood is incomparably glamorous, naive and style that she all the time manages to hit the headlines in the Film Industry. And of course, along with the news of the films she’s in.

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