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New Borzoi Pics 2012

RICHLAND, Wash. – Competitions have been taking place for the past few days but tomorrow is the biggie – “best in show”
If you’ve seen the movie “Best in Show”, then you’ve got the basic idea.
Even in the gusting wind, organizers are singing Richland’s praises. The only problem for some competitors was the drive to get here.
Nancy Speziale and her dog Saber made the trip all the way from Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada. It was a tough trip for Saber. Nancy said, “He had a 3 day car ride so he was a little cooped up”.
Judge Patti Neale was pleasantly surprised by what the Tri-Cities has to offer. She said, “Certainly it’s an oasis in the middle of a very interesting desert you’d never know it was gonna be this pretty just driving into town its turned out to be a great location for our show”.
The final competition is behind the Red Lion in Howard Amon park.

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