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New Famous Bergamasco Shepherd Pics 2012

Australian Shepherds are medium-sized working dogs with a robust, balanced, muscular build and a rustic appearance. Their bodies are just longer than they are tall at the withers. They have strong, deep chests and they stand squarely on all four legs. The breed’s front legs are straight, and their feet are oval-shaped, compact, and have a set of well-arched toes. Australian Shepherds have a well-proportioned head with a moderate stop and teeth that close in a scissor bite. Their oval-shaped, medium-sized eyes come in a variety of colors that may be marbled or flecked. Their high-set ears are triangular in shape and slightly rounded at the tip. Many Australian Shepherds have a naturally docked bobtail. Australian Shepherds have a slightly way, weather-resistant double coat that varies in length depending on the climate they originate from. The breed’s hair is short and smooth across the head, outside of the ears, in front of the forelegs, and below the hocks. The backs of the forelegs have hair that is somewhat feathered. Male Australian Shepherds have more of a mane and frill than their female counterparts. The breed’s coat may be straight or slightly wavy, and it exists in merle, red merle, solid black, or solid red. White markings andor tan points may exist in red merle Australian Shepherds.

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