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Wedding Veils

Wedding Veils For Beautiful Bridels

Long Wedding Veils:

The shimmer effect needs to be described fully. The manufacturer takes a standard, high-quality bridal tulle and applies a glazing to it that causes the shimmer. We specifically asked for a glazing with a very subdued shimmer. We did not want the veil to sparkle like a tiara because this looks really tacky.

Stylish Wedding Veils:

We experimented with different levels of shimmer and found that too much shimmer simply overwhelms the rest of the outfit. What we wanted was a very understated, subtle effect. When you are in a fairly dim light situation, there is no shimmer at all. When you exit the church, chapel, or hall into the sun, you are suddenly surrounded in a halo of shimmer.

Latest Wedding Veils:

The effect is surprising and quite dramatic. Also, the shimmer shows up well in flash photography, but your guests won’t see it until they see their photos. If you are in a hall where there are a lot of bright lights, the veil will pick them up and show a little shimmer.

The entire effect was designed with elegance and good taste in mind, and was not meant to upstage the rest of your outfit. Some customers have complained that there wasn’t enough shimmer, but they didn’t give the veil a chance or take it into the sun to see how pretty the tulle becomes in bright light.

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